Professor Petros Lorrimor


Professor Petros Lorrimor lived in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav with his young daughter, Khendra Lorrimor; they lived in a modest home to the south of the town.


An accomplished wizard and devoted opponent of evil, Petros Lorrimor lived and taught for a number of years at Lepidstadt University, before his retirement in 4696 AR.


His mangled body was found outside of town at the beginning of Calistril 4711 AR. His upper torso and most of his head and face were apparently crushed by a large stone gargoyle that had fallen from the roof of the nearby ruins of Harrowstone prison.

You have personal ties to the Professor and come to discover that you have been named in his will. His daughter Kendra has invited you to Ravengro to attend his funeral and be present for the reading of his last will and testament.

Since arriving in Ravengro, the party has discovered that Professor Lorrimor was murdered by cultists of The Whispering Way and his body mangled post-mortem to make his death look like an accident.


In the reading of the will, the Professor left it up to the party to take a chest of tomes to Lepidstadt University. One of the tomes inside the chest was the Professor’s Journal. Some entries have been marked specifically.

Professor Petros Lorrimor

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