Harrowstone Loot


Masterwork Punching Dagger (Inscribed with W. Riker) – Brask

Masterwork Thieves Tools – Resa

Bronze War Medallion (40 gp)

Painting Stavian I (100 gp)

Noble Silver Hair Clips (D. Troy, 35 gp)

Pouch of 12 Master Shurikens +1 to Hit

War Razor Masterwork Silver

Wand – Lesser Restoration

5 Holy Water

1 Scroll of Lesser Restoration

15 Cure Light Wounds

2 Healer’s Kits

3 Anti-toxins

3 Blood Block

3 Smelling Salts

2 Soothe Syrum

3 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

+1 Keen Longsword that goes to Vincent

Mithral +1 dagger that goes to Resa

Ring of Protection +1 that goes to Brask.


Harrowstone Loot

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