Professor Lorrimors Chest

The chest bequeathed to the party in the professor's will.


In Professor Lorrimor’s last will and testament he bequeathed to the party a small oak chest with a small iron key and asked that it be returned to the University of Lepidstadt. It contained tomes that he deemed dangerous and he wanted them placed in the safe keeping of the university.

Inside the chest:

Professor Lorrimor’s Journal – last entry from 17 days ago – have to go back to Harrowstone. Theory that the entire town is at risk and he knew he might be in danger of dying.

On Verified Madness – a book with a jet black cover that contains information on aberrations.

Serving Your Hunger – a copy of an unholy book of Urgathoa – NE deity of gluttony, disease, and undeath.

The Umbral Leaves – a lexicon of translation of unholy book of Zon-Kuthon – LE deity of darkness, envy, pain, and loss.

An unknown book with a rich purple cover – a brass scarab with a single eye in the center. The cover is rimmed in steel – a small lock – keyhole for a key with a triangular shaft.


Professor Lorrimors Chest

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