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While the Carrion Crown Adventure Path takes place exclusively in the haunted nation of Ustalav, the campaign does not require (or even assume) that the PCs be natives of that land. Each PC is summoned at the start of the adventure to the town of Ravengro in the rural county of Canterwall from elsewhere in Ustalav or the Inner Sea region. Thus, PCs of any nationality or concept can work within the constraints of the Adventure Path. No matter what your PC’s background is, adventure and intrigue await when you arrive in Ravengro for the funeral of the recently deceased Professor Petros Lorrimor, famed scholar, explorer, and teacher.

This site is intended to provide characters with a connection to Professor Lorrimor —one close enough to justify his naming each PC in his will— whether they are native to another part of Ustalav, or from a distant part of the Inner Sea where they met him by chance in his many travels. The race and class suggestions provide both basic information on potential PC origins within Ustalav and reasons for visiting it, and possible connections a character of any class may have to the late professor.

Use this guide as a starting point to give your PC a reason to be summoned to the fateful funeral that launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Characters of all alignments, religions, and homelands can play a vital role in this campaign, and the suggestions should serve to spark a concept or background for your PC. You’ll also find several new traits specific to the Carrion Crown Adventure Path to help you better customize your character and link her to the campaign’s setting and plot. You get to choose one campaign trait and one character trait.

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