Secret Societies

Secret Societies are groups dedicated to achieving hidden goals. Their existence is kept from the world, and their members take their societies’ secrets with them to the grave, lest the society send them there first for disclosing them.

In order to join a Secret Society, a character must pay an entrance fee and pass an entrance exam by successfully making a skill check, as determined by the school. One attempt to enter a school can be made per two semesters (a length of time that varies according to each school). Once a character is enrolled, he must pay a monthly tuition or tithe to remain in school until his Fame score reaches a high enough point that he gains the option to join the school’s staff. These costs, skills, and Fame score requirements vary per school.

Note: A character’s Fame score and Prestige Points in an Organization like an Academy, Guild, Monastery or Secret Society is separate from his or her Fame/Prestige as an adventurer, in order to best reflect their standing within that specific organization.

To increase his Fame score in an organization, he/she must either make Education checks (a skill check with a DC of 15 + his current ranks in that skill) at points during a semester, or perform a specific task or other extracurricular activity for the school. A character’s Fame score in that organization increases by +1 every time he successfully makes a Education check or performs a task for his school.


Every organization functions on what are known as “semesters.” You can make one Education check (using a skill chosen from your school’s Education check options) per semester.

Each game session, no matter how much time passes during that session, counts as a “semester,” and characters will make an Education check at the end of each game session.

Suspected Secret Societies in Ustalav

Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

The Harrowed Society

Brotherhood of the Twelve

Leaving a Secret Society

.....It’s best not to leave a Secret Society. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. The only way to get out is if you’re dead. If you want to leave before you meet Pharasma, your Society might help hasten your journey there… So be very sure of your decision to join them.

Secret Societies

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