The Restlands

“You want to dig a grave good and deep, so’s they don’t have too easy a time climbing back out. And make sure that coffin’s nailed tight before you drop it in. Hardwood’s best, good oak or cedar, but most folks’ll want to save a few coppers and just go with pine. I’d say more than half the walking dead in these parts came out of shoddy coffins and shallow graves, but what can you do? Now if you see one of ’em wandering around, don’t lose your wits. Them zombies’re usually pretty slow, and a good whack or two to the side of the head with a shovel’ll usually put ’em down again. O’ course, if it’s one of the fast ones, there’s naught else to do but run and hope you’re faster than it is. How fast you think you are, boy, eh?” —Efram Gall, gravedigger, Restlands

The area used for burying the dead of the town of Ravengro is called The Restlands. It is located on moorland to the north of the small town and well tended by the Ravengro Temple of Pharasma based in the town’s temple and supervised by Father Grimburrow. A local tradition is the respectful drawing of a spiral over one’s heart when passing by, or through, the graveyard; this is a reference to the comet symbol of the goddess Pharasma.

The large graveyard is 120 yards wide and 80 yards deep and has gravel walkways marked to avoid people walking haphazardly across the graves. The paths are called:

  • Ancestor’s Walk
  • The Black Path
  • The Dreamwake
  • The Eversleep

The Restlands

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